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CT-7A Analog IC Tester

ARM JTAG 嵌入式模擬器
ARM JTAG嵌入式系統模擬器
  BF-3033 ( 30V/3A x 2 + 5V/3A + 4 Displays ) DC Power Supply
( 30V/3A x 2 + 5V/3A + 4 Displays ) DC Power Supply Low Ripple & Noise 30V/3A+30V/3A+5V/3A Triple outp...

  BF-1232 3 3/4 Autorange Digital Multimeter
Description: Auto range, Frequency/Capacitance/Temperature/DMM All in 1. Features: It equipped with LCD...


  BF-102 (10MHz DDS Function Generator) Function Generator
0.3Hz~10MHz  Hz.KHz.MHz..3Range, Easy Operation. LED: 0.56", 6 Digits.  2 Attenuator: (-20dB x 2) ...

  BF-303P ( 30MHz Analog + 40MHz DSO )
30MHz Analog+40MSPS Degital Full Range DSO Timebase. USB Interface. Solw MAG.(x100)MAX. 50 s/div. Eq...


  FPGA+ARM+8051 Development Kit
ALTERA CYCLONE Ⅲ EP3C10 ARM (NXP) Embedded Systems Internship (optional) 8051 single-chip microcompu...

  USB SIMLAB 8051 Development Kit
1.ISP online burning programs can burn through a USB port to program MCS51 the 8K Flash ROM, up to the max...


  CT-7A Analog IC Tester

  CT-6C Digital IC Tester





  ARM9 BF-S3C2440 嵌入式發展系統

  EasyJTAG 模擬器 + EasyARM2131 開發套件


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