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BF-102 (10MHz DDS Function Generator) Function Generator
0.3Hz~10MHz  Hz.KHz.MHz..3Range, Easy Operation. LED: 0.56", 6 Digits.  2 Attenuator: (-20dB x 2)  USB (RS-232) Bui...
CT-7A Analog IC Tester

Development Kit > FPGA+ARM+8051 Development Kit
  FPGA+ARM+8051 Development Kit
ALTERA CYCLONE Ⅲ EP3C10 ARM (NXP) Embedded Systems Internship (optional) 8051 single-chip microcomputer buzzer function interface text-based practice 16 * 2 LCD liquid crystal display 16 * 16 multi-color dot matrix interface USB TO RS232 inte

8051 single-chip microcontroller             
ARM (NXP) Embedded Systems Internship            

¡Text-based practice 16 * 2 LCD liquid crystal display
¡16 * 16 multi-color dot matrix interface     RS232 internship interface
¡USB TO RS232 interface                         Buzzer function interface
¡16 LED display                                      Two groups of R / C DA internship         
¡Four common anode 7-segment LED display  VGA interface
¡PS / 2 keyboard input internship           Two sets of variable resistor voltage
¡Brushless DC motor module (optional)     Input DIP switch DIP-8 * 2
¡Step motor training function module (optional)          4 * 4 keyboard
¡DC servo motor training function module (optional)
¡DC motor training function module (optional) 
¡Graphic LCD 128 * 64 LCD function modules (optional)
¡USB download burner


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