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1.ISP online burning programs can burn through a USB port to program MCS51 the 8K Flash ROM, up to the maximum burning program...

Development Kit > CMD-565嵌入式發展系統

The CMD-565 system provides the CMD-5xx Motherboard and the PM-565 Personality Module to
provide a MPC565 development environment. Other versions of PM-5xx Personality Modules maybe
purchased separately for evaluation and maybe interchanged on the motherboard. The system is
Plug and Play with the supplied Axiom Monitor in the on-board EPROM. Board features 2MByte
(512K x 32) Synchronous SRAM, 4MByte (1M x 32) Burst Flash EEPROM, Communication Interfaces,
Port Replacement Logic Unit, Keypad and LCD Module support, Serial Cable, Wall Plug power
source, printed hardware manual and the MPC5xx support CD with programming utilities, support
and sample software, and technical manuals. Software development tool suites that support
background debug emulation (BDM) or Nexus are recommended to develop applications for the
MPC565 microcontroller.

Standard Features:

Global Wall-Plug Power Supply (CE certified)
Processor in socket on PM-5xx board with ZIF socket.
Mictor Logic Connectors for Address, data, and control signals.
AMD AM29BL160 type synchronous flash.

PM- 565 Features:

4Mhz reference Crystal Oscillator with large landing pads for easy value change
BDM and Nexus 50 pin Development port connectors
POR and Hard Reset buttons
Voltage Indicators
Reset Indicator
Reset Configuration Switch for clocking options, enabling external configuration of operating
mode or programming.
Stack connectors mapped for signal functionality.

CMD-5XX Motherboard Features:

Standard fixed memory (buffered):
512K x 32 Sync. SRAM (100MHz), 1M x 32 Burst Flash EEPROM
Two Configurable 32pin memory sockets for 32K to 2MByte EPROM with 8 or 16 bit wide data bus,
Axiom Monitor installed standard.
PRU - Port Replacement Unit provided for MPC555 ports A, C, and D allow simulation of single
chip port operation when expanded bus is operating.
MAP Switch - provides easy assignment of chip selects to ram and flash memory banks.
MODE Switches - 4 DIP switches to fully support Hard Reset Word Configuration options.
COM Switch - provide easy method of applying or isolating serial connections to RS232 transceiver.
COM1 - SCIA1 w/ RS232 type DB9-S Connection
COM2 - SCIA2 w/ RS232 type DB9-S Connection
COM3, 4 - Not applied on MPC555.
CAN Ports - 2 CAN transceiver (PCA82C250) interfaced ports, 1 x 4 headers.
LCD Port - LCD Module Interface Connector w/ Contrast Adjust, Buffered and Memory Mapped
KEYPAD and KEY Port - 16 Key or 20 Key interface, Debounced, Buffered, and Memory Mapped
BUS Port - provides 32 data and 24 address or MPC555 ports A and D on 60 pin header.
CONTROL Port - Bus Controls for MPC555 ports on a 44 pin header.
QSM Ports - 2 Serial I/O ports with 16 pin socket headers.
MIOS Port - MDA, PWM, and MGP timer or I/O interface with 34 pin socket header.
TPU Ports - 2 Timing Processor I/O ports with 20 pin socket headers.
QADC Ports - 2 Analog I/O ports, one 20 pin and one 24 pin socket header.
INT Port - Interrupt or MPC555 SGP port I/O with 10 pin header.
POWER Port - Primary and standby power supply access port.
I/O Connectors in .1 grid, pin headers for bus and control provide easy ribbon cable connection
for external connections. Socket headers provide easy wire connection to breadboard prototype
area or with pin headers installed, will allow ribbon cable or wire wrap connections.
Mictor Logic Probe connectors for Bus and Control signals.
Large Prototyping Area (5 x 1.75 inch) with +5V and ground connection grids.
Breadboard Prototyping area (2.5 x 1.5 inch) for easy installation of test connections.
Power Indicators - Supply voltage indications for 5, 3.3, and 2.6V supplies
Reset Switches - POR, Hard, Soft reset buttons.
User Indicators - 4 user indicators to provide user conceived visual response during testing.
CE certified class A as shipped with universal power supply.

Power Supply - 6 to 20VDC Input, 300ma typical @ 9VDC.
5.0V @ 2.5A output with 3.3V, and 2.6V regulated supplies.
Board Size - 8 x 9.5 inch.


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